2017: Year in review

Notable papers in autism research in 2017

This year’s list of top papers highlights nuances in the genetics of autism and new leads on early treatment.

By Spectrum
22 December 2017 | 4 min read

For autism research pioneers, early work paved path to success

We asked three distinguished autism researchers to reflect on their first studies in the field.

By Spectrum
22 December 2017 | 5 min read

From people with autism, lessons for scientists on love, compassion

People with autism teach researchers about compassion, honesty, love — and the joys of the holidays.

By Spectrum
22 December 2017 | 5 min read

2017’s spectrum of autism stories

2017 was the year we at Spectrum committed to being open — to new ideas, new types of stories, new ways of telling them and new ways to reach you, our audience.

By Spectrum
22 December 2017 | 4 min read

2017 in pictures: Spectrum’s picks for best images

We asked autism researchers to enter the Spectrum science image contest. Here are the top pics.

By Claire Cameron
22 December 2017 | 1 min read

Inside Scoop From the Autism Anchors: Year in review

Our autism anchors, Raphael Bernier and James Mancini, nominate candidates for the hottest topic in autism research in 2017.

By Spectrum
22 December 2017 | 1 min read
Illustration of two people speaking into a speech bubble.

Quotes of the year

Our favorite quotes from articles we published this year cover James Bond, mean girls and scientific breakthroughs.

By Spectrum
22 December 2017 | 3 min read

Five hot topics in autism research in 2017

We waded through the sea of autism studies published in 2017 and spotted several themes.

By Spectrum
22 December 2017 | 6 min read
students in subway taking notes

New York program transports children with autism to their passion

In a New York City after-school program, children with autism build social skills through a shared interest in trains.

By Abigail Fagan
22 December 2017 | 5 min read
Woman at a protest holds a sign that says "Grab 'em by the data"

2017: The year in tweets

In 2017, autism scientists took to Twitter to express their thoughts on immigration, healthcare policy, education leadership, proposed funding cuts and Brexit.

By Claire Cameron
22 December 2017 | 5 min read

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Illustration of a canyon landscape with an orange clock face in place of a sun.

How to teach this paper: ‘Behavioral time scale synaptic plasticity underlies CA1 place fields,’ by Bittner and Milstein et al. (2017)

Katie Bittner, Aaron Milstein and their colleagues found that cellular learning can happen over longer timescales than Hebb’s rule predicts. How long should we wait to teach students about this phenomenon?

By Ashley Juavinett
24 June 2024 | 11 min read
Portrait of Kaspar Podgorski standing in his lab wearing a helmet with a climbing rope over his shoulder.

Climbing to new heights: Q&A with Kaspar Podgorski

The optical physiologist tracks neural computations inside the lab and scales sheer rock faces outside—even after a life-changing fall.

By Elissa Welle
21 June 2024 | 8 min read
Research illustration groups genes by their effects on brain cell types.

Giant analysis reveals how autism-linked genes affect brain cell types

Genes that predispose people to autism account for a large portion of the neuronal and glial cell changes seen in those with the condition.

By Charles Q. Choi
20 June 2024 | 5 min read