About The Transmitter

Curating neuroscience, connecting community

The Transmitter is an essential resource for the neuroscience community, dedicated to helping scientists at all career stages stay current and build connections. The publication aims to deliver useful information, insights and tools to build bridges across neuroscience and advance research. As part of that mission, The Transmitter offers a steady stream of up-to-date news and analysis of the field, written by journalists and scientists.

Our history

The Transmitter launched in November 2023, developed by the same team that produces the award-winning Spectrum magazine. Spectrum began in 2008 as the News & Opinion section of the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative site, SFARI.org. In 2015, Spectrum relaunched as an editorially independent online identity. 

As we have evolved, we have experimented with story forms and the areas we cover, incorporating an ever-expanding range of voices. But one thing that has never wavered is our commitment to provide accurate and objective coverage of science and the people who shape it.

Praise for The Transmitter

I'm looking forward to finding out through The Transmitter what people think is compelling and potentially transformative in the realm of intellectual development.

André Fenton

What drew me to this publication is that it is freely available to all and will serve as a welcoming and open virtual meeting place to discuss the latest trends in neuroscience and the sociology of science in general.

Sheena Josselyn

When I first heard about The Transmitter … I was just really excited about the idea that we would finally have a place where we could have high-level discussions that would connect across different subfields and brain research.

Nicole Rust

Over the past several years, the Simons Foundation’s Spectrum newsletter has become the most valuable, up-to-date source of information about autism research — clearly written, fair and accessible to specialists and non-specialists alike. However, autism research is only one small fraction of all neuroscience research, and there has not been an equivalent source for the rest. [The] Transmitter can address that broader audience. Simons’ success with Spectrum makes me confident that they will succeed with [The] Transmitter.

Josh Sanes


Funding for The Transmitter comes from the Simons Foundation, but our team is editorially independent. The articles we produce do not necessarily reflect the views of the foundation’s scientific staff.

About the Simons Foundation

The Simons Foundation is a philanthropic organization dedicated to advancing the frontiers of basic science through grantmaking, in-house research and public engagement.