Spectrum wins four national Azbee awards

Our editorial team also took home seven regional awards from the American Society of Business Publication Editors.

Illustration by Laurène Boglio

Spectrum earned four national awards at the 2022 Azbee Awards competition yesterday, including two golds.

The awards recognize U.S.-based trade publications that serve a professional audience, and they are considered “one of the most competitive” in trade publishing, according to the American Society of Business Publication Editors, which administers the awards.

Spectrum’s how-to guide for participatory autism research, written by freelance writer Rachel Zamzow, won a gold award in the web how-to article category. The gut’s connection to autism, a video scripted by freelance writer Katie Moisse and animated by Lottie Kingslake, took gold in the online video tutorial category. A deep dive on the role of mitochondria in autism, written by staff writer Laura Dattaro, took home a national silver award in the web feature category. And our Community Newsletter, which rounds up social media discussions about autism research each week, won bronze in the general excellence, e-newsletter category.

“We are deeply grateful for the recognition of Spectrum’s excellence by the prestigious Azbees, awarded for the best of the best in journalism for professionals,” says Ivan Oransky, Spectrum’s editor-in-chief. “Day in and day out, the Spectrum team delivers insightful, comprehensive and beautifully designed coverage of what matters to researchers and clinicians, to help drive the field forward and foster connections.”

The four national winners all earned regional Azbee awards in April, along with three other Spectrum stories: an enterprise article on the serotonin-autism link, by freelance writer Grace Huckins; a trends story about an understudied autism trait called alexithymia, by staff writer Laura Dattaro; and a feature on the benefits of special interests for autistic people, by freelance writer Emily Laber-Warren.