Elissa Welle is a news reporter for The Transmitter, where she covers neurodegeneration and a smorgasbord of other basic neuroscience research. Before joining the newsroom in late 2023, she worked as an intern reporter for Reuters, Nature, STAT News and The Detroit Free Press. She has also written for The Chronicle of Higher Education and her alma mater’s student newspaper, The Michigan Daily. Her days as a scientist were spent designing and fabricating tiny electrodes for single-neuron electrophysiology recordings.

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Research image of two fluorescent-stained organoids.

CRISPR gives autism-linked genes a boost, rescues functioning

A modified form of the gene-editing tool increases the expression of CHD8 and SCN2A, showing potential for autism therapies.

By Giorgia Guglielmi
23 May 2024 | 5 min read
A photograph of a scientist holding a cannabis plant

Cannabis may be rescheduled–what does it mean for neuroscience?

The drug could become much easier to access, increasing the number of researchers who can work with it and the manufacturers who can produce it.

By Gina Jiménez
22 May 2024 | 6 min read
Picture of two Degus in a cage.

How inbreeding almost tanked an up-and-coming model of Alzheimer’s disease

But new genetic analyses and behavioral assays have made the Chilean degu a viable model again, researchers say.

By Calli McMurray
21 May 2024 | 10 min read