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Exploring the people, the science and the challenges in neuroscience.

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Illustrated portrait of Loren Frank.

The value of math and spatial learning with Loren Frank

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator discusses what drew him to study the brain and his current work at the University of California, San Francisco.

By Brady Huggett
1 April 2024 | 61 min listen
Illustrated portrait of Lauren O’Connell.

Setting up a frog colony and pair bonding with Lauren O’Connell

To become a scientist, O’Connell first needed to leave the family farm.

By Brady Huggett
1 March 2024 | 62 min listen
Illustrated portrait of André Fenton.

Being uncomfortable and PKMzeta with André Fenton

The director of the Center for Neural Science shares a ghost story and talks about his collaboration with Todd Sacktor.

By Brady Huggett
1 February 2024 | 80 min listen
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Your latest update from The Transmitter.

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Image of a red rectangle against a gray background.

FDA describes ‘objectionable conditions’ at New York State Psychiatric Institute

The facility’s institutional review board failed to report a 2021 incident and “serious and ongoing noncompliance” by a principal investigator, according to a letter released by the federal agency this week.

By Brendan Borrell
2 April 2024 | 6 min read
Neural progenitor cells in a culture medium, color-enhanced scanning electron micrograph (SEM).

Autism subgroups converge on cell growth pathway

Faulty mTOR signaling, implicated in syndromic forms of autism, also hinders cells grown from people with idiopathic autism or autism-linked deletions on chromosome 16.

By Angie Voyles Askham
2 April 2024 | 5 min read
Illustration of a brain made up of many smaller brains.

Breaking down the winner’s curse: Lessons from brain-wide association studies

We found an issue with a specific type of brain imaging study and tried to share it with the field. Then the backlash began.

By Nico Dosenbach, Scott Marek
25 March 2024 | 6 min read
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