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Cerebral cortex genetics; calcium imaging of astrocytes

This week on social media, researchers discussed a genome-wide association study of the human cerebral cortex, how astrocytes integrate calcium signals, and more.

Richard Bethlehem of Cambridge University shared a link to his team’s new study, “Genetic insights into human cortical organization and development through genome-wide analyses of 2,347 neuroimaging phenotypes,” published in Nature Genetics 17 August.

Rafael Romero-Garcia of Cambridge University and Alain Dagher of McGill University replied to Bethlehem, who was featured in Spectrum’s 40-under-40 list of rising stars last year.

Peter Rupprecht of the University of Zurich gave an update on his team’s preprint, “Centripetal integration of past events by hippocampal astrocytes and its regulation by the locus coeruleus,” posted on bioRxiv 21 August.

Misha Teplitskiy of the University of Michigan shared “Perceptions of scientific research literature and strategies for reading papers depend on academic career stage,” published in PLOS ONE 28 December 2017.

Kevin Mitchell of Trinity College Dublin was among the many who responded to Teplitskiy.

Camiel Mannens of the Karolinska Institutet described his team’s preprint, “Dynamics of chromatin accessibility during human first-trimester neurodevelopment,” posted on bioRxiv 21 August.

Holly Sutherland of the University of Edinburgh detailed a keynote lecture from the Scottish Autism Research Group 2023 conference.

Noah Sasson of the University of Texas at Dallas replied to Sutherland.

David Preece of Curtin University announced his team’s study, “Conceptualizing alexithymia,” published in Personality and Individual Differences 16 August.

Chris Edwards of Griffith University shared his team’s study, “‘Most people have no idea what autism is’: Unpacking autism disclosure using social media analysis,” published in Autism 22 August.

Aishwarya Johnson of Queensland University of Technology shared a link to her team’s study, “Pharmacological inhibition of PTEN rescues dopaminergic neurons by attenuating apoptotic and neuroinflammatory signaling events,” published in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology 17 August.

Julie Simpson of the University of New Hampshire posted the article “Exclusive: Investigation prompts retraction of 17 studies from now-shuttered clinic,” published in Spectrum 14 July.

George Perry of the University of Texas at San Antonio linked to the article “Is excess brain fluid an early marker of autism?” published in Spectrum 17 August.

Takei Yosuke of the University of Tsukuba posted the article “Father’s genes may drive sociability in male monkeys,” published in Spectrum 18 August.

That’s it for this week’s Community Newsletter! If you have any suggestions for interesting social posts you saw in the autism research sphere, feel free to send an email to [email protected].

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