Janet McLaughlin

Janet McLaughlin is an Associate Professor of Health Studies and a Research Associate with the International Migration Research Centre at Wilfrid Laurier University. She is an interdisciplinary scholar trained in medical anthropology, with interests in the areas of global and environmental health, food systems, labour, social justice, citizenship, transnational migration and the social impacts of autism. Her research and publications have focused on various areas of migrant workers’ health, rights and well-being, including: access to health care and workers’ compensation; women’s experiences of gender-based violence; occupational, mental, sexual and reproductive health; social determinants of health; and the impacts of separation on migrant families. She is co-founder of the Migrant Worker Health Project, www.migrantworkerhealth.ca, which promotes accessible health care for migrant workers. Dr. McLaughlin is currently researching autism policy and family impacts in Ontario.

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