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“Africa’s postdoc workforce is on the rise—but at what cost?”
By Linda Nordling in Nature
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We know racism really does matter. We just do not know how to quantify it, how to put it in a model, how to bring it into what we’re doing. — OLIVER ROLLINS

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NYGC Neuroscience Lecture with Paola Arlotta, Ph.D.
5 P.M. EDT
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Black-and-white photograph of William Catterall in a lab.
Ion channels

The legacy of William Catterall, ‘father of ion channels’

By Calli McMurray
12 March 2024 | 7 min read
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Close-up of a green glass slide embedded with dozens of tiny electrodes.

Making cancer nervous

Nerve cells in the brain and throughout the body can turbocharge tumor growth — a finding that not only expands conventional ideas about the nervous system but points to novel therapeutic targets for a range of malignancies.

By Sarah DeWeerdt
13 November 2023 | 22 min read
Photograph of a gloved hand pointing to a computer screen that is displaying an image of a mouse brain.

Uncertainty and excitement surround one company’s cell therapy for epilepsy

After 10 years of work, Neurona may have the data to quiet its skeptics. But its ongoing clinical trial will be the ultimate test.

By Angie Voyles Askham
5 October 2023 | 19 min read
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